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Bactazol Cage Cleaner 500 ml

  • Universal solution for all pets
  • With pleasant lemon scent
  • 500 ml
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Cage Cleaner 500 ml

For birds, small animals, cats and dogs!

The Cage cleaner for birds, small animals, cats and dogs is a highly effective, slightly alkaline aqueous cleaning solution that is ready for use and biodegrades well. It contains surfactants and special additives.

Thanks to its excellent creeping ability and the low surface tension, even dried-on animal excrement can be effectively wetted to allow it to be removed without any trouble. After cleaning a pleasant scent of lemons is left behind.

The Cage cleaner is suitable for the cleaning of:

  • Bird cages and nesting boxes, aviaries, feeding areas
  • Cages and stalls of small animals
  • Dog kennels, dog pounds, dog clothing
  • Cat toilets and basket

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  • Cage Cleaner 500 ml
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